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Reeno Foundation

The Reeno Foundation is the legacy of Nick Ruschmeyer 1989 - 2020

Reeno encourages youth and young adults to experience the power of the outdoors through challenging adventures, learning new outdoor skills, and honing those skills so they can come down from the mountains and share them with others. The Reeno Foundation offers 3 different scholarships: Scholarships for youth to experience the outdoors, deepen their connection to nature and form lifelong connection to the natural world through experiential education and challenging skills.  Scholarships for outdoor education students to seek extracurricular courses to broaden their horizons on an experiential education course exposing them to new skills and challenging adventures. Scholarships for aspiring mountain guides towards a certification course so they can reach their full potential as an outdoor educator and thus share the outdoors with others. 

The Reeno Foundation is able to provide these scholarships based on in kind donations, fundraising events, and the friends and family of Nick Ruschmeyer. 


Our Scholarships

Youth Explorers

This scholarship is designed to provide youth the opportunity to attend a camp that provides outdoor challenges and unique learning experiences.   

Professional Development Course

This scholarship is designed for college students looking to enroll in an external class that will push their boundaries and present opportunities and career goals that might not be available in the college curriculum. 

Guide Certification Course

This scholarship is for professionals and aspiring guides seeking to gain a certification in a desired expertise that will provide them professional development to further their career. 

Group Scholarship

A scholarship for group of people on an outing/course/certification exam focused on: outdoor education, experiential learning, adventure education, wilderness therapy, or similar program.