In The Shadow of the Mountain

Practice gratitude, accept the pain in your life, forgive and let go of it.

Just do it, be creative, try hard, think clearly and stay focused.

Live Your Best Life!

It's going to be alright.

At times you will get down mentally, at times you will get beat down physically. 

But in these moments it is important to remember that it's going to be alright.

I call this HOPE.

Life is not about leaving the most impactful step behind to be observed and relished. 

The goal is to leave a properly placed delicate step that will fade with time as all impressions do. 

My hope is that the step is worth following but if not it will fade and only become a memory. 

I hope that my print will become stepping stones so the generations after my time have something worth building upon and something to make their own. 

If I have accomplished this, I have left the world a better place.

Much Love, 

Nick Ruschmeyer


Nicholas Life Reflection

Every man and woman lives by a code whether they acknowledge this or not. 

I will spend my life trying to figure out what that code should be. 

Life’s lessons, heartaches, and simple joys, will be the basis of this acquired knowledge. 

The code that I come up with will be ever changing and will come from within me in order to better this world through bettering myself.

For a knowledge that is learned and kept to oneself is meaningless; but to share that knowledge with people, it will become more. 

It will become strength and has the potential to be passed on from generation to generation.

- Nick Ruschmeyer


Nicholas Rock Climbing Reflection

Being present and being positive is a struggle at times but one must Focus. 

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been afraid to say that I wanted to be a good rock climber out loud. 

I guess it’s because of a moral code that I have not to be arrogant, but to have confidence. 

Part of that code is that if I am going to do something that I have to do it. 

And what if I fall short? 

I am hoping that if I stay present in the moment and stay positive, trust my feet, my head, and my heart, I think I can do it.

Rock climbing has given me so much. 

It has given me much more than just an identity, but a way of thinking about Life. 

It has taught me how to mentally prepare and deal with anxious feelings that I might have. 

To take these feelings head on and relax in the moment to focus on the breath and the movement. 

It has taught me how to prepare for challenges present and future, to prepare mentally and physically.

To achieve this, I believe it takes proper rest, consuming food that is good for your body to run on, water and stretching, strength training, and cardio.

- Nick Ruschmeyer