Scholarship Recipients 2023

Reeno Foundation TY 2023 - FOREST
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“Thanks to The Reeno Foundation I was able to take the AMGA Rock Guide Course in Smith Rock, Oregon. Coming from the East Coast(Vermont), I had to adapt to a completely new environment as well as a rock type that I have never climbed on before. Camping each night while learning and climbing each day I fell into a rhythm. I was so happy and motivated each day to tackle new challenges, search out the shaded routes on scorching sunny desert days, and work with a great group of fellow rock guide apprentices. Taking this course has been a goal of mine and I’m so grateful for the help the Reeno Foundation provided to make it all happen. Thank you!”


Thanks again for everything! This was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the chance to participate in. I feel inspired to continue crafting my skills so I can provide exceptional experiences for climbers of all kinds. Through taking the Rock guide course I am now able to guide multi pitch rock routes and it has been so awesome to see my climbers learning these skills on routes I started my learning on, a full circle moment.


Best regards,